Generative Workshop in Poetry

December 10, 2015


It’s time to fill up that notebook.

The Generative Writing workshops emphasize the production of new work in response to prompts, exercises, and your own diligence and exploration. In this workshop your responses can take the form of poetry, prose poetry, poetic vignette, or any number of forms or hybrids. Over four weeks you will generate a significant amount of work, receive feedback on that work, and you’ll learn grounded craft techniques and approaches that apply across multiple genres and styles, for established poets and new explorers alike.

 About the Instructor

Ginger Ko earned her MFA from the University of Wyoming, and she is currently a PhD student at the University of Georgia’s creative writing program. Ginger is the author of Motherlover from Bloof Books, and her chapbook Inherit is forthcoming, also from Bloof. Her poetry and reviews have appeared in Whiskey Island Magazine, Sink Review, Anti-, TYPO, inter|rupture, and The Conversant, among others. Her chapbook Comorbid is forthcoming from Lark Books in 2016.

This course will “meet” throughout the month of December and the beginning of January. You will have continuous access to a shared, secure course space throughout the span of the workshop, and will receive a set of exercises, examples, and prompts at the start of each week.

At the end of each week you’ll have the opportunity to turn in 2-3 poems for formal feedback from your workshop leader, who will give you editorial comments as well as suggestions for expansion in your reading and craft. You’ll also be able to ask questions in the course space, including in an “office hours” forum.

Go at your own pace, but generate as much as you can, and you are encouraged to post your results, marathon-style, to the class space (and give feedback if you’ve got time!).

Apiary’s workshops are designed to provide both one-on-one instructor feedback and guidance, and a learning environment and supportive community to share in with your peers.

What you can expect

  • a password-protected space in which to share work with your workshop leader and peers
  • 4 rounds of feedback and instructive support with your workshop leader (up to 2-3 poems each week, suggested readings); and encouragement of peer feedback
  • “office hours” in the form of private messaging and forum responses
  • focused attention to the development and exploration of your own craft and language. This is about your work, and where you want to go.
  • a supportive environment for your writing, always.

Sign-ups will remain open through Sunday the 13th, midnight PST

Generative Writing Workshop – Poetry
four weeks
Image credit: Thomas Huang