In honor of National Poetry Month, Apiary Lit presents…
a 30/30 Online Writing workspace!

You’ll get access to a password-protected workspace, where you can share your 30/30 pieces with the group, find daily prompts, discussion forums, and more. It’s free to participate — simply send a donation our way afterward if you found it useful, or “pay it forward” in the literary world.

What is 30/30?

During the month of April (or any given month after a period of artistic drought), many poets challenge themselves to generate 30 pieces of new work in 30 days–a NaPoWriMo, if you will. We invite the tradition to expand to whatever genre in which you’d like to generate new work–flash fiction, flash non-fiction, multi-modal and poetry are all welcome in our version of this challenge. Design your own parameters–what does a “draft” look like in your 30/30 project? Go at your own pace, catch up if you fall behind, marathon twice as many at the end of the month, etc; however you get there–triumphant, wore-out, or clawing out those last few syllables (or, giving up half-way through!)–the end result usually includes some interesting new pieces in your drafts folder and a whole lot of fun and exploration.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing prompts from our prompts database (just in case you need some inspiration), and we’ll be featuring optional excerpts from our participants along the way in our blog. At the end, if you complete the 30/30, we’ll send you a digital badge so that just like a good gym-selfie, you can be sure to show off your writing-abs to all your friends.

How it works

  • Sign-up below and set up your 30-30 account in the Apiary Lit system to get started. You’ll be added to a private, password-protected online workspace with live forums, a prompts booklet, and resource links.
  • Share your daily 30/30 work in the work-sharing forum. See what others are up to and get motivated to knock out a new piece! There’s no limit on genre or the number of times a day you post, comment, or browse — this gym is open 24-7.
  • Check out the daily prompts (which can be creatively applied toward poetry or prose!) or share your own inspiration. Invite friends, make new connections, and re-invigorate your process.

We’re here to help you generate new work and stay motivated–it’s up to you to go the distance!

Ready to take the 30/30 challenge?

Sign-up and get that notebook ready.