This is not your typical workshop.

“Think of it as a gym membership for your best writing.”

Here you’ll find high-octane, small online workshops designed for writers of all levels. Each course is themed to develop the processes, goals, genres, and craft techniques of emerging and established writers, and can be used, like a good pilates class, to build up your routine, work trouble areas, learn new skills, or get back in shape. Your workshop leader is your personal coach, guiding your exercises, presenting your course material, and giving you instructive, supportive, and honest feedback each step of the way. Your digital workshop environment is a dedicated space for you and your class cohort to share work, develop community, find motivation, and sure, take all the mirror selfies you want (it’s a judgement-free zone).

What would you like to work on today?

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How It Works

When you sign up for a course you’ll receive instructions for setting up your membership account to gain access to the classroom spaces and members-only sections of the Apiary site. A few days before the start of the course you’ll be able to log into those shared spaces and acclimate to the digital environment, and get to know your course cohort. You’ll also have access to forums in which to share work with your peers; you’ll be able to ask questions in “Office Hours.” Should your course not achieve enrollment sufficient for energetic discussion, the dates of a class may be adjusted or a full refund of your seat reservation will be offered.

You’ll receive a guaranteed amount of feedback from your workshop instructor (and like any good training session, you’ll let us know along the way what your goals are)–editorial and instructive feedback such as line edits with full craft explanation, suggestions for further readings or practice–and focused attention to how your pieces can speak with their full force.

During your course you will also receive access to our ever-expanding Prompts database, which includes over 45 favorite exercises from the Apiary Lit workshop leaders, as well as an invitation to our continuing community space, for interacting with the current and past cohorts across all genres, and to keep Apiary Lit posted about your future successes–we love to share forward the publications and work of the Apiary Lit community.


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